August 21, 2009

21 Cards – That’s a Wrap!

21 Cards 1

We finally wrapped what was one of the most fun, yet challenging projects I’ve ever worked on – the new, locally produced game show 21 Cards.  Mike Rylander and I co-hosted the show from the Showroom at Mystic Lake.  Dozens of people worked countless hours to put together this show.  The entire experience was INCREDIBLE.  I’m so excited to see the show!  Here are some raw and behind-the-scenes photos from the shoots.


The 13-episode season airs Saturdays at 6 p.m. on the CW Twin Cities starting September 12.


New Fall Look

August 18, 2009

Fall is almost here, so I decided I needed a new look.  While I was out in California, I hit up my former hair stylist who relocated to Los Angeles a few years ago.  He and I decided I could use some bangs.  Check it out!


The CW Twin Cities Beat

August 17, 2009

Ever wanted to try sailing?  The CW Twin Cities Crew teams up with the Star Tribune for a look at what’s going on around town in a segment called “The Beat.”  This week’s feature: sailing.

Check out my YouTube page for past editions of the CW Twin Cities Beat, which airs Thursdays on the CW Twin Cities at 10:30 p.m.

Well, not exactly. But if you buy one, a dollar or more from each Dairy Queen Blizzard purchased on August 13 goes to the Children’s Miracle Network Hospital. Their mission is to generate funs and awareness to benefit the more than 170 hospitals/foundations and the children they serve.

Like we needed a reason to eat blizzards. Let’s be honest.  🙂

See you at DQ! (I’ll be the one with an Oreo Blizzard.)



More info in this video:

Or here:  http://www.childrensmiraclenetwork.org/


August 8, 2009

Race For Courage Video!

The Race for Courage was a huge success.  I came in 4th (out of 5, but it counts!), which is better than I thought I would do.  I wish I could have another go at it.  Just as I was getting the hang of it, the race was over.

But really, I consider coming out of it without a scratch to be a success!  My co-host Jonathan Rabb and I took a flip cam with us behind-the-scenes.  Check out the madness below: