Softball 360 Shoots in My Home Town

September 22, 2009

Softball 360 - Natalie Kane interview with Denny Crine

We recently shot an episode of Softball 360 in my hometown of Minneapolis, MN.  The show travels to 13 different major leauge ballparks in 13 different cities from May to September.  It’s a hectic travel schedule, so I was thrilled to have shot an episode in my own backyard at the Minneapolis Metrodome.

Here are some photos from the shoot (and also my run-in with TC, the MN Twins mascot!).

Click to enlarge:

2 Responses to “Softball 360 Shoots in My Home Town”

  1. SeaShark said

    I saw an episode of SOFTBALL 360 on Fox Sports North last week. Hadn’t seen the show before and it brought back memories of the old Duk Duk Days softball tournament in Crystal, MN from my formative years in the 1960s. Fun show, and nice work by Natalie Kane.

  2. localdrivinglessons said

    Natalie you are looking so awesome in this dress 🙂

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